Hey and welcome to the YoutubeDownloader website. There is not much of a site yet, but hey, the software works!

YoutubeDownloader consists of three simple steps:
1. Enter the video URL
2. Check if the video title is correct - we wouldn't want to download the wrong video - and choose a quality setting.
3. Click the download button!
Yes, that's really all you have to do!
Please note that this is version 0.1, the software is still in testing stages, and you can only choose High quality and HD right now, which should be good enough for most of you :-)
Oh, by the way, you will need at least .NET Framework 2.0 to run it. Most people with Windows XP have it, and all Vista users have it as well.

Click here to download YoutubeDownloader 0.1 from my Download Center.

If you have any feedback, problems, suggestions, complaints, or praising, I'd love you to contact me at info@sven-slootweg.nl. Remember that I make this software for you, and all those other people out there, so it wouldn't have any use if you couldn't give feedback. Even if it's just a "thank you", all feedback is appreciated.

This software is freeware and will always stay freeware, maybe I'll even release the source when I have a final non-testing version. However, if you want to donate some money, you have two choices. One, you donate money to me, and I can buy a new laptop when I have enough. Two, you can pick a charity of your choice, donate some money there, and help out an animal or another human. It doesn't matter to me, I don't need the money, but yeah, I'd appreciate it if I got some. Choose for yourself, and if you really want to donate to me, the button is below: